Open to the Public at the King Edward Mine 10 am – 4pm on the 31st March and 1st April!
Welcome to the website for the 34th Intercollegiate International Mining Games Competition

This year the competition will be hosted by the Camborne School of Mines (CSM), part of the University of Exeter, who have previously entered teams under the name of Team GB. However CSM is the last remaining School of Mines in the United Kingdom and is extremely honoured to have the privilege of holding the games where many of the mining techniques traditionally originated from. The organising committee intend this to be the largest and most competitive competition in recent years.

The competition was started in 1978 in honour of the 91 miners that died in the Sunshine Mine disaster, USA in 1972, as well as miners that have since died in the line of duty. CSM joined the competition on 2006 and it was agreed that we would hold the event in 2012, due to it also being the year the country is to hold the Olympic Games.

The Primary aim of the competition is to keep the traditional mining techniques alive, many of which were developed in Cornwall. The competition has now evolved and also provides a talent scouting opportunity for mining companies and companies in related sectors, as well as enhancing the comradeship of the mining students over international borders.

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