The weekend will consist of 4 competitions; men’s, women’s, co-ed and alumni. Each team compete’s in the 7 events.

 1. Surveying

 Teams are given a starting point and expected to report the coordinates of a finishing point using an old fashioned vernier transit.

2. Hand Steeling

Drill into a concrete block using a 3 -4lb hammer and a 7/8’’ chisel.

3. Track Stand

Set up and tear down a section of track, including sleepers, rail, connecting plates and bolts.

4. Hand Mucking

Run a 1 ton ore cart down a 75’ section of track and fill it with muck using shovels.

5. Swede Saw

Saw through a 6’’x6’’ piece of timber with a 36’’ bow saw.

6. Gold Panning

Find five flattened lead or copper ball bearings in a pan full of dirt and rock.

7. Jackleg Drilling

Drill into a vertical concrete face using a Holmans 303 airleg drill.